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A Virtual Cricket Club - 2023 UPDATE 4

Simon Hughes (The Analyst) has sent us an update with information on a new podcast featuring women's cricket.

It is open to all; the latest email from Simon can be seen below.  

09-05-2023: The latest email from Simon Hughes.

Hi All.
I have launched a new podcast on women’s cricket.  I hope you will follow and support and tell your members and friends.
Thanks Simon.

'The Cricketer' Magazine Offer

Simon Hughes (The Analyst) has sent us information about an offer for The Cricketer Magazine which celebrates its centenary.

The email from Simon can be seen below.

Hi everyone.
Hope all well. Great Test match despite the result!
Just a message from The Cricketer magazine (which I am editor of.)  There is a special offer in our centenary year at the moment - six months subscription for £19.21 (the year of our foundation).   The new issue is out this week and will really appeal to all of you as its message is 'cricket is for everyone' - this is the cover (right.)
We seek to cover the game at ALL Levels.

This is the offer link -

Join our club and get the best packaged cricket news and insight delivered straight to your door.

All the best and happy watching (and reading!)


BBC Essex Sport Interviews

We have been sent a notification of some ECCC-related radio interviews that are available and may be of interest:

Vic Marks - click,
Robin Hobbs - click,
Mark Pettini - click,
Ray East - click,
Ken McEwan - click,
John Faragher (club chairman) - click,
Barry Richards - click,
Sir Alastair Cook - click,
Tom Westley - click,
Adam Wheater & Aaron Beard - click,
The Unforgettable Summer - click,
How ECCC Created History in 2019 - click

BBC Essex Sport interview catalogue - click,
BBC Essex Sport - click

Test Match Special Podcasts - Update

26-10-2021: More recent releases from TMS....
'View from the Boundary': Chris Addison - click,
Alistair Cook on his Oval Test farewell - click,
Moeen Ali on his Test retirement - click,
Ian Botham on Headingley 1981 - click,
A Michael Holding interview - click,
The famous 'Leg over' commentary 30 years on - click

For the full list of TMS podcasts - click

Previous links that are still available:
#40from40: Nish Kumar - click,
#40from40: Sebastian Faulks - click,
#40from40: Toby Jones - click,
#40from40: John Lithgow - click,
#40from40: Damian Lewis - click,
#40from40: Professor Robert Winston - click

Voices of the World: Jim Maxwell - click,
Voices of the World: Fazeer Mohammed - click,
Voices of the World: Prakash Wakankar - click

For all these and more (including downloads), click

'Remembering Graham Gooch's 333' is still available - click
Search the internet with the phrase graham gooch 333 forYouTube videos and other features.

Tales from the Boundary


» Do you have any cricket-related stories to tell - perhaps from your dim and distant past?

» Any fond memories of great occasions - any 'I Was There' moments that captured your imagination?

» Perhaps anecdotes of meetings with people or players that have stayed with you and have left a lasting impression?

If you have any stories you would like to share with us, please send them to,
but please check the Terms and Conditions first - they are nothing arduous I promise you!

Click here for the current list.  Also, an interview (split into two parts) with J. K. Lever:, and