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I Remember ‘Wotsisname’....


Now here's a Youtube video which members can pass on to any children, grandchildren, nephews, nieces and anyone interested in cricket.   Bob Appleyard talking with Christopher Martin-Jenkins (CMJ) about his cricket life:   I wish I'd seen it when I was a teenager but at that time computers were the stuff of science fiction.

Youngsters today can learn from cricket videos rather than reading or using flick books, whereas we all used to work a shift down pit, before going to school, then going home to eat a handful of gravel before we could play cricket with a stick and a rolled up sock in the back yard.

Anyway, I'd also recommend; another CMJ interview but with Tom Graveney on cricket in the 50's.   This interview contains an interesting reference to the selection of Appleyard and Wardle rather than Laker and Lock for the 1954-55 Ashes tour, the non-selection of Fred Trueman AND the selection of Loader and Bedser.

Of course, this was the era when Bedser, Loader, Laker and Lock propelled Surrey to seven consecutive county championships.

How come Yorkshire, with Trueman, Wardle and Appleyard did not nick one?

Andrew Appleby