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With the pessimistic long-term view and the increasing prospect of a second wave of Covid-19, there is little chance of any Society activity over the coming season.   Due to these exceptional circumstances, the Society AGM, usually held before the speaker at the December meeting, will therefore be postponed indefinitely.

The current membership term will also be extended until August 2021 at no further cost.

There will be a further edition of WILLOW TALK towards the end of the year with a round-up of the final part of the current cricket season, and any further update on the situation which will also be posted on this website.

Please feel free to get in touch if you wish - click here.

For anyone interested in joining, email us your details and we will contact you when the outlook improves.

Whatever happens, stay safe!

BWT Winners 2020

Points of View

UPDATE - Essex have just beaten Somerset in the inaugural Final of the Bob Willis Trophy at Lord's.
The competition has been hailed a success, and there is a prospect that this format will replace the current County Championship, with some changes to relax the regional element of the three groups, and play full group home and away fixtures.

What do you think of the BWT?

Do you think it should continue?

Let us know – send your comments to, and subject to the Terms and Conditions (similar to those for Tales from the Boundary) we will publish them on the website.

Click here to follow the discussion.

We have been sent a notification of some ECCC-related radio interviews that are available and may be of interest:

Vic Marks - click,
Robin Hobbs - click,
Mark Pettini - click,
Ray East - click,
Ken McEwan - click,
John Faragher (club chairman) - click,
Barry Richards - click,
Sir Alastair Cook - click,
Tom Westley - click,
Adam Wheater & Aaron Beard - click,
The Unforgettable Summer - click,
How ECCC Created History in 2019 - click

BBC Essex Sport interview catalogue - click,
BBC Essex Sport - click

A recently released special commemorating the 30th anniversary of Gooch's epic innings against India in the 1st Test at Lord's in 1990.   'Remembering Graham Gooch's 333' - click
Search the internet with the phrase graham gooch 333 forYouTube videos and other features.

It is also the 40th anniversary of TMS, and the BBC have released a series of podcasts entitled '#40from40' from the 'View from the Boundary' series of interviews.   Click for these and much more.

Tales from the Boundary


» Do you have any cricket-related stories to tell - perhaps from your dim and distant past?

» Any fond memories of great occasions - any 'I Was There' moments that captured your imagination?

» Perhaps anecdotes of meetings with people or players that have stayed with you and have left a lasting impression?

If you have any stories you would like to share with us, please send them to, but please check the Terms and Conditions first - they are nothing arduous I promise you!

Click here for the current list.  Also, a recent interview (split into two parts) with J. K. Lever:, and  

We have been sent some photographs of Essex teams from the 1960s and 70s (Scroll over First Team pictures to enlarge):

Essex 1st XI 1969
Ray East 1969

Team list shown under enlarged pictures.

Do you have any Essex-related pictures that you are willing to share with us?  If there is enough interest, we would like to add them as a new category to the Society Archive - an Essex pictorial history.  It doesn't even have to be 'official' or formal type images.   Send your photographs to with any related background information.  Thanks again!


Norfolk Cricket Society's Rob Kelly previously confirmed the list of author talks courtesy of Pitch Publishing.  

All members are invited to join - we will send an email to all our members prior to the next meeting, and we will continue to publish details, joining instructions and the programme on this website - click here.  
Be aware that the joining instructions will change for each meeting, so remember to check.

Note that the meetings are now on a fortnightly cycle.

If you joined the last meeting, let us know about your experience at  
Your comments could be useful for any future virtual meetings of this type.

UPDATE - The next event is 9th October at 7:30pm when the speaker is Nick Greenslade, author of
'The Thin White Line: The Inside Story of Cricket's Greatest Fixing Scandal'.  
Click here for the programme.  Joining instructions not yet available; expect to have them by Thursday 8th October.

For those of you that enjoy the Zoom-style of meetings, The Cricket Society are hosting a series of these.  It is open to Cricket Society members, but you must register first.
For more details - click, and click on 'Events'.

The Society Archive

The Society Archive contains collections of currently available archive material:

※ MEETINGS - The complete list of meetings and speakers from the Society beginnings.

※ GUEST SPEAKERS* - A photo gallery of past speakers.

※ PLAYER OF THE YEAR AWARDS* - A photo gallery of player of the year awards.

The archive will be expanded and more categories will be added, but for now - click here.

*These sections are incomplete so if anyone has something we can add, please get in touch -


1st QUIZ questions are available here, and the answers are available here.

2nd QUIZ questions are available here, and the answers are available here.

Thanks to the Keyworth Cricket Club.

֎ The Quiz Nights we were hoping to arrange in conjunction with The Essex Boundary Club (the official ECCC supporters club) during the Society meetings season are tentatively being put back to a later date.  More details will be available on the website and by email as and when arrangements have been made.

֎ The RIVER GATE ENTRANCE remains closed until further notice.  
As of Monday 17th August, work was near completion - latest pictures below.  
Further updates will be posted on this website when more information becomes available.

(Scroll over pictures to enlarge).

UPDATES:  Author Talks - click here ,   Tales from the Boundary - click here ,   Points of View (Bob Willis Trophy) - click here .

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